Ceramic lamp

Item keramiek lampje blauw Item keramiek lampje wit

LEDspots brass and copper

Item ledspot messing 1 Item ledspot koper 1 Item ledspot messing 2 Item ledspot koper 2
Item ledspot messing 4 Item ledspot 4 koper

Trays brass and copper

Item dienblad messing Item dienblad koper

Tree-trunk bed

Item boomstambed 2 Item boomstambed detail nieuw

Anodized aluminum champagne

Item setje champagne geanodiseerd

Crisis table with lattice

Item gutter tafel 2 Item papirus 3 Item papirus 2 Item papirus onderstel 1

Upholstered bench and armchair

Item gestoffeerde bank 1 Item fauteuil nieuw

Cabinet Crisis 2014

Item crisiskast massief sloophout Item crisis kast slot

Crisis Furniture

Item crisis tafel, grijs gelakt Item crisis 2014 tafel vierkant Item crisis tafel rond Item crisis kruk

Printed Crisis furniture

Item kruk geprint in zak Item kruk geprint Item print 001 Item print 02
Item crisis salontafel geprint Item crisis salonrafel geprint hout Item crisis geprint 03 Item crisis geprint 04
Item crisis kast geprint Item crisis kast geprint bruin Item crisiskast geprint laag

Crisis desk lamp

Item crisis burolamp Item crisislamp detail

Milk bench

Item melkbankjes Item melkbankje 004 Item melkbankje 003 Item melkbankje 002


Carpet tiles are generally laid wall-to-wall in large rooms. Laying them and lifting them again if necessary can be done extremely quickly, which is why you often see carpet tiles in temporary premises. If anything gets spilt you just need to replace the one tile. In general, carpet tiles are incredibly ugly or at best, boring, so it would be nice to do something with them. Beautiful old carpets (usually boring too) are often damaged, dirty or worn in places. And carpet tiles have apparently had their day. That makes it inspiring to put a material that is no longer appreciated in a different perspective by doing something new with it. The old-carpets-carpet-tile-carpet requires quite some effort to lay; it only needs to be placed where it is needed, can be replaced and the shape and arrangement of the fitted carpet can be changed. In other words: an Old-carpets-carpet-tile-carpet is ideal.

Price available on request.

Item oude tapijt 03 Item oude tapijttegel 02 Item tapijttegel 01

New Tree Trunk furniture

Item boomstammeubelen blanco1 Item boomstam tafel Item boomstamtafel detail 01 Item tafel wit blanco01
Item eiken stoel 02 Item stoel blanco 02 Item boomstamstoel wit01 Item detail nieuwe boomstamstoel
Item boomstam stoel hoog naturel Item boomstam stoel hoog wit Item detail eiken stoel Item tafel blanco 03

Crisis 2013 2 door cabinet

Item crisis kast 2013 Item crisis kast 2013 02 Item crisis 2013 kast 03 Item 2013 crisiskast 04
Item greep crisiskast 2013

Steel display cabinet

Item stalen vitrinekast Item stalen vitrinekast detail

i.s.m. byBorre

Item byBorre quilts 04 Item byBorre003 Item by Borre 002 Item by Borre 001

Stamped Bowl

Thanks to the grant from the Stichting Stokroos (Hollyhock Foundation), we’ve been able to create an object in silver for the Nederlands Zilvermuseum (Dutch Silver Museum) in Schoonhoven. Inspired by the stamped vase that we were commissioned to design for the province of North Brabant, we decided to make a bowl based on the same manufacturing process. However, we had a more transparent design in mind for the stamped bowl and we finally decided to include the bowl in the collection. In addition to the unique silver bowl, the stamped bowl can be produced in copper, brass and aluminium.

Item stamp schaal koper Item stamp schaal messing Item stampschaal rvs Item stampschaal aluminium

Milled oak bowls

As with a great number of other products in the collection, irritation over the creation of worthless waste material while making one product formed the inspiration for a new product (or design?). The blocks of wood are glued together, levelled on one side and worked on the milling machine using moulds. This is waste processed on a high-quality machine, which provides maximum added value. Since 2002, when we bought the first computer-controlled milling machine, innumerable products have been created there, among which the products from the crisis collection are perhaps the most important. Since we acquired a second milling machine offering greater possibilities, new ideas and products are again bubbling to the surface. The milled bowls fit seamlessly into our tradition of not throwing things away and of getting the most out of the opportunities that we have ourselves created.

Item freesschalen 02 Item freesschalen nieuw01 Item freesschaalnieuw004 Item freesschaal nieuw 03

Crisis 2013

Item crisis 2013 nieuw 01 Item crisis 2013 nieuw 02 Item crisis 2013 nieuw 03 Item crisis 2013 nieuw04

Crisis chair new colors

Item crisis stoelen gestapeld Item crisisstoel olijf Item crisisstoel blauw Item crisisstoel groen
Item crisis nieuwe kleur Westergasfabriek Item crisis stoel nieuwe kleuren

Chopping Board

Item planken005 Item planken 004 Item planken 003 Item planken 002
Item planken 001

Tea towels

Item nieuwe theedoeken 04 Item nieuwe theedoeken 03 Item nieuwe theedoeken 02 Item nieuwe theedoeken 01

New collection

For more information please send an email to info@pietheineek.nl