one-mould desk lamp

Last year we introduced the one-mould lamp. The concept is simple: one lamp from one mould with different functions. Standing next to your bed or in the cupboard, hanging on the wall as down or up-lighter, but also on a stick as desk lamp or as reading lamp next to the sofa. We now present the prototype of the desk lamp. The one-mould lamps in their naked form have now been produced in various glazes and packaged in our first self-made boxes.

Item eenmal bureaulamp Item eenmallamp alle kleuren Item eenmallamp verpakking

Bag chair in gold velours

During the DDW in 2015 we introduced the army beanbag. We buy the army tent fabric at auctions, where the American army retreating from Europe offered its material. The beanbags made from very solid American army fabric have now been sent all over the world. We then made a leather beanbag and now we have added a golden one. The golden beanbag is made from equally indestructible velour.

Item zitzak in velours nr. 4318 Item zitzak 002

Metal rack shelves

We made a wall rack for a client. The design consisted of two corner profiles, connecting rods, brackets and shelves. The corner profiles and the shelf supports were punched out of one plate. When I went to Düsseldorf to take a look in the shop where the rack had been placed, I noticed just how beautiful the rack actually is. It was not difficult to make, which was necessary given the time frame in which it was manufactured, so we have decided to include the shelf unit in our collection. The shelves will later be given their own attractive box. The racks are available in three sizes and one is designed as a standing rack. They are all available in brass, copper, aluminium and coated metal.

Item Rek staal Item Rek 1


This chair was created some time ago. The idea was simple: the slats used to make it all have the same thickness and width. The extended spine creates a triangular structure that provides strength. We really liked the chair, but it was not developed further, partly because the cushions were rather expensive to produce and we thought the design would be unsaleable. The cutting machine we purchased for the packaging can also cut fabric, which significantly reduces the upholstery costs. The direct reason for us to start producing the chair was that we wanted to use comfortable luxury chairs from our own workshop in our own restaurant.

Item as-thick-as-wide-chair  oak Item as-thick-as-wide-chair


Analogous to the chairs, we have also created a table made of planks that are all as thick as they are wide. The width of the slat for the chair is the thickness of the plank for the table. We actually only have large tables in the collection and we were regularly asked to add a smaller table of solid oak to the collection. When the table and chair were stood next to each other, just before they were put into the bus, we saw that the set is beautiful in its simplicity – for some, more beautiful than expected. Yet simple luxury is still something that sounds good but receives little support from buyers, which is a shame because it is in this field that we can draw upon a rich tradition of unrecognised, simple luxury. Of course we are not complaining as there are also products that are in great demand.

Item even breed als dik tafel en stoel Item even breed als dik stoel zonder leuning

Waxine old lamps table lights

After we have incorporated old lampshades in large chandeliers and strings, we use the same old shades as a basis to make an old lampshade tea light. The old lampshades are each selected and fitted with a made-to-measure base. The three components are fixed together with rivets. There are plenty of old lampshades to be found, yet it demands a great deal of trouble and time to collect the right ones. It is once again a product whereby gathering the right materials is of core importance. Even though the stock is almost infinite, the lamps are manufactured individually or a few at a time. They are thus unique pieces, produced in series. Bu way of emphasising this aspect, a separate box is made for each lamp.

Item waxine D7 Item waxine C16 Item waxine D9 Item waxine no.10

Hand folded tiny wall lamp 8

The folding wall lamp series proved to be very successful last year. As well as the lamps, the punching and self-folding is a tried and tested concept – also for components and separate pieces. The most simple wall lamp that had already been made in a different way was still missing from the series, so this year we have added the most fundamental lamp.

Item handvouw wandlamp messing Item handvouw wandlampje koper Item handvouwlampje wand

Metal sandwich vase

The metal sandwich vase was inspired by the sandwich lamps, designed years ago. The shell elements of the inner and outer forms of the lamps are glued together like a sandwich. The vases are difficult to make and have been produced in a limited quantity and in a mixture of copper, brass and glossy stainless steel.

Item sanwichvaas 3 Item sandwichvaas koper en messing Item sandwich vaas messing

Line lamp

The LED Line lamp was conceived for the master bedroom of the Mill we built in France. Recently we’ve hung an installation of different Line lamps there, in the dark and shady area. Even before we finished the installation, the lamp was already being developed for the collection. The lamp can be made in different lengths and materials, and thus can also be incorporated into groups.

Item streeplamp M1 Item streeplamp M2 Item streeplamp M4

New collection

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