Waste tile cabinet no.3

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Beam cabinets

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Waste tile cabinet no.2

The concept of the scrap wood tile was initially conceived for a customer. Doors had to be fitted into a long, small corridor. All in one colour or with planks would have been boring, and a puzzled surface of scrap wood would have been too busy and expensive. Tiles of scrap wood provided the answer. The fixed size with handles exactly in line with the tiles and the possibility to work with colour nuances proved to be a real hit. The tiles also turned out to match perfectly with a few stained glass windows in the corridor. Before the doors were even finished, the idea had resulted in us making scrap wood tile cabinets. The size of the tiles is defining for the dimensions of the cabinet. The cabinet we are presenting at Salone is number 2.

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40 x 40 ceramic coffee table

After years of trying, we did it! We have made a product especially for Rossana Orlandi, who asked us year after year if we could make something special for her. We do not normally make specials for dealers because everything we do is already special enough. But Rossana now came to us with an idea that I liked the sound of. By using ceramic instead of scrap wood and crafting the basic structure from aluminium, the 40x40 products can also be made for outside use. Our ceramics workshop had just been given a new lease of life, so we were able to get straight to work. The process also fitted in with designing a suitable medium for the tiles. It became a punched aluminium cage construction that is strong, lightweight and weather proof. The tiles demand a ridiculous amount of work, much more than the 40x40 scrap wood blocks. It is quite possible that the frame alone, in a slightly modified form, could stand in the spotlight as an outdoor table at a subsequent fair because even without tiles, the aluminium frame is really something special.

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Beam cupboard

Last year we made the first stacked beam cabinet. The design is actually not a design. It is an attempt to create a cabinet that looks like a pile of beams. In order to achieve this we have designed handles, hinges and details that really do make it look like a pile of beams. A kind of raw minimalism which, as is so often the case with minimalism, goes hand in hand with maximal subcutaneous effort. The series is limited because of the restricted number of beams we have.

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60 x 60 desk

This desk is a 60 x 60 deviation from the scrap 40 x 40 series. A leg from a single 40 x 40 block was not strong enough and two block together made it too robust. So nothing stood in the way of the 60 x 60 desk. But is it then a part of the 40x40 series or should it become a whole new collection? We have decided to give the desk its own number in the 40x40 series and no two will be alike. It is an unlimited series of unique products. We have also made a stool of 40 x 40 to match the desk.

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Waste waste 40 x 40 stools

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Limited work new

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