Long live our products!

Thursday 10/20/2016  It is useful if you know in advance how high the bar is set. We have now discovered that changing almost everything in the shop and showroom means absolute chaos. Nothing is where is should be any more and nobody knows what they are doing. This time we started in plenty of time. There is definitely a good feeling about the activities and planning. I was the most sceptical, for a change. Two days before the start of DDW, it all began to take sh ... »

Dutch Design Week 2016 – Saturday the 22nd of October until Sonday the 30th of October

On the 22nd and 29th of October: Atlantic Rhythm and Blues evenings  Opening hours shop, showroom and small studio and designers exhibitions in the gallery and event space  Saturday the 22nd until the 29th of October: ... »

Maison & Objet

Click here for our pricelistDownload here the catalogus.   ... »

We are going to a show - Maison & Objet

Yes, we are going to market! At least, we hope so! For the first time we are going to a trade fair that is purely focused on sales. Maison & Objet is apparently the place to be to sell smaller items. We discovered this because we have a shop ourselves. Maison & Objet is where small items are sold, items that we used to refer to within our own collection as “the misfits”. All small things – certainly not tables, chairs or cupboards. The cutting machine and printer ... »

More and more discount

Downsizing our collection and over five years’ worth of shopping trips have made it necessary to have a good old clear out! So after the summer we will be able to work on the seventh and best DDW presentation to date!The whole month of August is therefore dedicated to cleaning up the warehouses a ... »

Peter has landed

When my career began in 1993 in Rob Malasch’s gallery Serieuze Zaken, I crossed paths with Peter van der Heijden for the first time. He would later ensure that I received several art commissions. But the work, and everything that comes in its slipstream, never came together. Peter sees beauty in things that other people do not see and that are not thought of as havi ... »

A photo of a beautiful cabinet

We consider this beam cabinet to be just about the most beautiful thing we have ever made. Logical, as it is just finished. But what is so special is that a photo has been made to go with the piece.I believe I have often written about it; we are makers, and as soon as something is finished, we move on to the n ... »

The Cauty pot

Although all our houses in Mavaleix are more or less finished, and even being rented already, they will never really be complete. It is actually not so much fun if something is finished, because it is then complete. For instance, I would still love to make a garage, bridge, cable car, tennis court, hut and much more. In short: there is still plenty to do. Wh ... »

House Geldrop

A while ago our house was for sale. This is still the case, or rather, it is for sale again, because when the sale was almost finalised, it turned out that the family who wanted to buy the house actually could not live there at all. It was not a residential property, but a business residence, just without a business! Fortunately the local council recognised this as a strange situation, as the ... »

High-income-country-products (Probably not saleable)

Every year we think we have made the best presentation ever, and in any case the best of the whole Salone. This year we did not have time to daydream about making headlines and furore. Indeed: most of the products were only ready in the last 24 hours before the bus, always later than plan ... »

Getting better and better

Without dispraising things we have done before, I would like to emphasize that this project is very special and that it signifies us staking a significant step forward. The commission to design and make a kitchen in London culminated in the fact that we practically had to overhaul the entire ground floor. We even made a stairway above the utility room, whereby these objects have become an integral part of the architecture. After visiting us, the contractor was quite satisfied that we w ... »

The two worlds of Olaf Mooij

Photograph: Thomas Mayer  The exhibition could just as easily have been called the whole world of Olaf Mooij. This world revealed itself to me a few days before the opening. In previous exhibitions I was closely involved with the realization of the exhibition from the very beginning right through to t ... »


Nothing is worse than having to hide your enthusiasm under chairs or sofas, but as of today we can finally talk about it. We can tell the world about our idea for the TD building in Eindhoven, which we have developed together with Amvest. Unfortunately not because we have emerged from the battle as glorious victor, but because we are in the nerve-racki ... »

Building in 2015

photo: Thomas Mayer The most important development of last year was perhaps the flying start we made with the recently established architectural firm 'Eek en Dekkers'. Years ago, when Iggie Dekkers started working with us, we had just one project, and now we have more work than we could have imagined. That one project, the RAG building, was completed last year. ... »

A good deed

10% price increase = temporary 10% discount! On 28 February your money will all of a sudden be worth 10% less at PHE! A very good reason to roll up our sleeves and try to tackle the deflation genie! We are basically a rather traditional company and we earn our income by working very hard. Of course we always do this with new ideas and products. Never before have we implemented a comprehensive price increase, although e ... »

Ikea - The storm has now nearly settled

Who would have thought it? Who would have expected the whole world to descend on us when it was announced that we would be collaborating with one of the biggest companies in the area of interior decoration. OK, “the whole world” is a bit of an exaggeration – it was mainly the Dutch press that found it rather special that a Dutch designer was going to work with such a huge company. And they were sort of proud of it. With hindsight it does all make sense, really. Some pe ... »

Dutch Design Week presentation 2015: new collection

Past, present and futureThis year we’re going to arrange everything perfectly – it’s our sixth Dutch Design Week and our fifth anniversary. We started celebrating straight away five years ago as the 2010 DDW marked our ‘birthday’, when we started working at our new premises. Every year we have all kinds of plans, we set the bar higher and every year we just about manage to jump over it by giving it everything we’ve got. And, as usual, the DDW is not the only thing we’r ... »

Dutch Design Week presentation 2015

Like every year, we pulled out all the stops and finished the new Piet Hein Eek collection in time. This new collection will be shown for the first time to the Dutch public. Apart from this show we invited brands that we represent throughout the year to come and give a special presentation, like LEFF Amsterdam, NLXL, Yumeko and Imondi Flooring. Brands like Freitag, Mauviel and Bulbo will be present. Social Label will be present again in our workshop. In addition, we have organized the Young D ... »

Tokihiro Sato - Photos as sculpture

More than a year ago, my eldest daughter Lieve finished school. She was allowed to join me on a trip to anywhere she chose. And that is how we ended up in Japan. She had been infected by our passionate stories. In the end, it turned into a business trip and we had to visit dealers, manufacturers and other business partners. Lieve came to the conclusion that ... »

Doing good in every sense

A few months ago I had an appointment with Mart. He’s the head teacher of a primary school in Venray which is going to move to a new building soon. Mart told me that he hadn’t actually wanted to make an appointment, because he assumed that I would have other things to deal with. But his wife spurred him on, saying “It can’t hurt to ask”.  ... »

Sunday Marc Ruygrok Day

The funny thing about our news is that when there is a lot of it, we’re too busy to report it. But this time we’re making an exception to the rule and, despite the hugely busy time that we’re experiencing, I’m writing a piece about a future event: tomorrow is the opening of Marc Ruygrok’s OH OH OH HO HO HO exhibition. We have in fact only been active as a gallery for four-and-a-half years and we realised from the start that it’s good to work regularly with artists and to represent them. But ... »

(Never) finished

Photo: Thomas MayerWallpainting by Jan van der Ploeg A few weeks ago, our photographer Thomas Mayer and my wife Jeanine went to Mavaleix  ... »

Wonder Room New York - The Future Perfect

Photo: Lauren Coleman Our dealer in the US The Future Perfect presents an exhibition curated by Piet Hein Eek. It includes unique designs, art, collaborations, work fro ... »

Third edition of BOEK

BOEK depicts the first thirteen years of the Piet Hein Eek brand and the company Eek & Ruijgrok through selected text and images. The book opens with my very first matchstick cupboard - which I built in my loft room aged 13 - and the cabinets I constructed from scrap wood for my exams. The book then develops to unveil key milestones, stories behind the designs, architecture and projects we have completed. What becomes apparent from these anecdotes, is that every design or project was create ... »

Salone del Mobile 2015 - new products

   ... »

Salone del Mobile 2015

Once again I started writing a piece about a series of setbacks that ultimately turned out to be blessings in disguise. But even I have had enough by now of parading the fact that everything always goes wrong. This year we are presenting in the shop on t ... »

From Mavaleix to Milan

Last Easter weekend I was in Mavaleix to finish a few jobs so that Thomas Mayer can visit the Mill at the end of the month to photograph the interior. We’ve been working on the project for nearly 10 years now and it’s nearing completion. The first comprehensive report on the Mill, including its interior, will appear in the spring issue of the Dutch Elle Decoration. To make the buildings rise up again out of the ruins, thousands of large and small decisions have been made, and problems with ... »


I have done the calculations; the Bakkerswinkel that we created last month was the tenth one. Created is a big word, a better description would be that we put a process into operation. In 1997 we received the first commission to make furniture for Piet Hekker's Bakkerswinkel in Zoetermeer, the only Bakkerswinkel at that time. Over the long time span that we have worked together, we have at times said that it would probably be w ... »

Entrepreneurial Attitude - Storioni Festival

On Saturday I was at the gala night of the Storioni Festival and it was just as magical as previous years. The thing that greatly intrigues me is how it is possible for a trio (the Storioni Trio) to have, in one way or another, the energy, the quality and the vision to do so much more than just make music. When you see them playing among all the other stars and take stock of the joy radiating off everyone, this appears to be self-explanatory. But that is only really once it has succeeded, o ... »

Shouting from the rooftops on the Internet

I often joke that we’re really bad at selling, and it’s true! But then people often look at me and laugh as if I’m mad, because if that’s the case, how do I make ends meet? It’s very simple – we make ends meet because we sell, but we don’t sell in the sense of a ‘hard sell’. Now, I’m not very good at English and certainly not when it comes to the theory, but you can interpret the verb ‘to sell’ in two ways. One way is that you can, in a manner of speaking, sell a brick as if ... »

Eek en Dekkers - "Piet Hein Eek architecture"

From the first chair made from matches, glue, thread and a surgeon’s knife no bigger than a thumbnail, to the development of an old industrial building accommodating 10 houses and 10 families. Apart from size, nothing has changed. To this day, our projects are created with respect for what is already there, seizing the opportunities and possibilities that are available. This has been the philosophy ... »

DDW 2014: Domino disaster

For those too young to remember the era of the Dutch comedy duo ‘Van Kooten and De Bie’: a domino disaster is where one disaster follows another. A few months ago we opened the Wonder-room. At the time I still assumed that this would be enough to make a good impression during the DDW. The first visitors’ reactions quickly showed us that they found the Wonder-room fantastic, but that they thought the show room, where nothing had been changed, lowered the tone somewhat and clashed with the Wo ... »

DDW 2014: Collaboration (Floris Wubben, Borre Akkerdijk and Marc Mulders)

All kinds of things happen in our factory. One of the most remarkable aspects is that collaborative projects with other designers and artists come into being almost continuously. During this year’s DDW we’ll be presenting three projects. The hammer bowl with Floris Wubben was created during the last DDW, resulting from an initial enthusiastic encounter. It all started when we were supposed to press clay the other way round in a garage press and ended with what you could almost call a circus ... »

DDW 2014: Working for (NLXL, LEFF amsterdam, More Eyewear)

Over the years I’ve created designs for a large number of companies – designs that have met with differing levels of success on the market. In the first few years I regularly joked that anyone who worked with me stood a significant chance of going bankrupt. From a statistical point of view, this was certainly no idle remark. Since that time I can point to some successes. You could say that I’ve learnt from bitter experience. One of those successes was the scrap-wood wallpaper, which had more ... »

DDW 2014: Working with (Vliegenthart and Imondi Flooring)

There are manufacturers who make and sell beautiful products. They do not necessarily distinguish themselves as regards design, but with their products they come very close to what we find important or beautiful. And with a little good will and some directing from both sides, I can make quite a difference, thanks to the experience that we have gained over the years. It also gives me the opportunity not only to sound off about how others do things, but to make a practical contribution as well. ... »

DDW 2014: A lot to see

Paul Heijnen “This work deserves a pedestal”I advertise for Paul consistently. He is one of the most talented designers I know. We presented his work for years, but now we created a real pedestal where his work can be seen. The stage is bright red, the work is stunning but blue.    ... »

DDW 2014: HeRe it is

For the first time in history we made the hall available for starting, creative entrepreneurs. We did our best to create the most ideal circumstances. We even did a selection, although I truly do not like selections. In short, you must be HeRe and nowhere else.   By Mölle ... »

Generous - Opening exhibition Marc Mulders

Marc is quite religious – for some people even too much so. He never talks about it with me, although I often exchange thoughts and ideas with him. I’m not a believer, but I do believe in believing, for some people and provided it is not too institutionalised. I fell in love with Velasquez’s ”Christ Crucified” the very first time I saw it in the Prado. It is the most exquisite painting that I know. The St. Matthew Passion by Bach is for me the most beautiful piece of music and ... »

Plugged in again

For years we have read the headlines saying: “The plug has been pulled.” An institute builds something up over decades or even longer and suddenly everything has to be scrapped. Sometimes this is understandable: if there are sewing machine or stamp museums all over the Netherlands, we can certainly face to losing one of them, but there was only ever one Light Museum. And naturally it was in Eindhoven. The plug was pulled and the art had to go. Luckily, a new management emerged, which has ma ... »

Call for entries Dutch Design Week 2014

We received a lot of requests to exhibit at our factory. Therefore we decided to make our event hall - that we normally rent out for conferences, seminars and other events - suitable for presentations. We are looking for young designers or small design studios with quality products who like to exhibit at one of the most visited locations at the Dutch Design Week.Please contact Merel merel@pietheineek.nl for more information. YOU CANNOT APPLY ... »

New chef

We have a new chef.With new ideas, fortunately.And what we taste we really enjoy.Are you coming to try it out? Click here for our summer menu.  From July 22 until August 22 we have irregular closing hours. It is possible that we close a little earlier. As usual we are closed on Mondays.   ... »

The slow season?

It’s summer – the off-season, the slow season or, as the Dutch say: ‘cucumber time’. But is the off-season really that off? At Piet Hein Eek, we see it as a challenge to turn the slow season into a positive period. While you are enjoying the summer holidays, we are working hard – as always. Which makes summer the perfect time to visit our workshop to see how our products are manufactured, or to come and marvel at our new designs or recently opened Wonderkamer (Wonder Chamber). Or what about ... »

Projects 2013 - 2014 Piet Hein Eek

Every year we finish so many projects that we lost count. When we do not know for sure what we did then it probably will be a mystery to everyone else. That is why we decided to keep track of the projects and show them to you. You will find a record of the bigger projects of 2013 and 2014 below. Of course the projects of 2014 will be added to the list during the year.  ... »

Double trouble becomes double triumph

In the last few years I've carried out a whole lot of projects for and with Peter Geusebroek. The last big project was for a huge block of flats in Amsterdam's 'Indische Buurt'. My plan was to erect giant photos across the enormous façades at various entrances: a photo of the building's façade that had been demolished to make room for the new one, ensuring that old and new remained connected. It would be a façade with wallpaper, a door here and there, crosscut walls and sometimes even ... »


Carpet tiles are generally laid wall-to-wall in large rooms. Laying them and lifting them again if necessary can be done extremely quickly, which is why you often see carpet tiles in temporary premises. If anything gets spilt you just need to replace the one tile. In general, carpet tiles are incredibly ugly or at best, boring, so it would be nice to do something with them. Beautiful old carpets (usually boring too) are often damaged, dirty or worn in places. And carpet tiles have apparently ... »

Floris Wubben x Piet Hein Eek - The first blow

I saw Floris' vases for the first time during the Dutch Design Week (DDW). They are magnificent objects that emerge from a machine Floris had designed and operated himself. Normally, machines produce identical products surrounded with very little love. But that is not true in Floris' case. The vases are almost his children. We got talking and soon moved from the idea of putting his vases on display and selling them from our place to thinking about a new machine: a completely different machine ... »

We are selling our dream

We are selling our dream, because we are embarking on a new one. We have lived in this house for almost twenty years. It was such a delightful and beautiful place to be, that we decided to refurbish and extend it, without it showing. In a way, the house has become even more of a one-off than it already was. We spared no expense in making sure the alterations and extensions were in keeping with the original structures. This was incredibly important in view of the fact that, when the house wa ... »

We wonder

The Wonderkamer is open and it is still astonishing. It seems like everything what we have done until today comes together on the top floor. From something exceptionally evident something special arises. With this, we have raised our standards.  For more information about the Wonderkamer please click here. Our Wonderkamer is open seven days a week during regular opening hours.   ... »

Sharp thinking

Concertgebouw AmsterdamTuesday 20 May20:15 – 21:45From € 22.00 | Kleine Zaal | ... »

Milan 2014: Surprisingly sustainable

It wasn’t until I was writing about the designs that we are exhibiting in Milan that I realised everything we show there is inspired by the idea of ‘not throwing anything away’. Not throwing away can be achieved by using production remnants and sometimes even remnants from products made of production remnants. You can breathe new life into material that has been gathering dust in the attic, or use 100% of a plank sawn from a tree (wood that had in any case become unusa ... »

New at Milan 2014: New Tree Trunk Furniture

It appears to be an innocent design, the new Tree Trunk Table and Chair. But it’s the result of a determination not to throw anything away. Taking the material as it is, doing as little as possible to it and assigning it a major role in the final product is virtually always the starting point for my designs. It only came to me later that this principle had been carried to extremes with these designs. The two planks of the table top have the size and shape they had when they arrived from the s ... »

New at Milan: Steel vitrine

In 1993, inspired by a large consignment of square glass plates, we constructed the Oak Display Cabinet. Shelves, sides, top and front were all made in identical fashion with glass plates of the same size. Later, the dimensions of the case were adjusted to match those of the ‘Philipskast’ and a polycarbonate version was also made. However, we never succeeded in making a steel version. The structure, with its horizontal and vertical parts, turned out to be too complicated to ... »

New at Milan 2014: Old Window Display Cabinet

In 1996 we exhibited a series of 28 cabinets made with windows and doors in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Since then we have carried out countless commissions in which windows and doors served as the starting point. But we have never taken the cabinet around the window itself as the starting point. Now a unique object has been created, which can be produced in series. Assembling the cabinets next to each other and piling them up offers the chance to create unique installations. ... »

New at Milan 2014: byBorre x Piet Hein Eek

Press Release Piet Hein Eek’s almost pathological tendency to avoid throwing away materials, but instead to use them as a basis for designs, thereby making them of inestimable value, is shared by Borre Akkersdijk. Through Akkersdijk’s expertise and creativity, he and Eek have together been able to develop a new product. Old silk fabrics for men’s ties form the basic material. In the warehouses of Spazio Rossana Orlandi, when Rossana Orlan ... »

It is a feast!

Exempla 2014  By the time you read this, I am probably on a plane to Munich, where we will be presenting our work at Exempla, which is one of the shows of the largest handcrafting trade fair in Germany and perhaps even the largest in the world. We don't know yet whether that is a lot of fun or even fantastic, but we decided to just acc ... »

Thomas Mayer, James Cauty, Mauviel, RAG and Jochen Otten

Photos: Thomas Mayer; Wereldwijze FotografieThe connecting factor in this newsletter is Thomas Mayer. He recently photographed the James Cauty exhibition and the RAG building for us. The photos themselves are almost works of ... »

Silver dish

Each year the Nederlands Zilvermuseum (Dutch Silver Musuem) in Schoonhoven offers artists and designers the opportunity to create an item in silver, via the Stichting Stokroos (Stokroos Foundation) grant. This year I had the chance to do this and for me the logic was: if you're allowed to do something you don't normally do, then it's fun. This logic is only logical if your job or motivation is to create something new rather than mastering a skill and refining it, which appli ... »

Everything of no value - Self-portraits

Designing using existing opportunitiesThe material, technique and craftsmanship are always the starting point for my designs. I only recently realised that the core of my working method could perhaps be even better described as designing using existing opportunities. This may seem logical but most designs (not mine) originate from a desire to create something new. For these designs, it is almost self-evident to search for new techniques, material ... »

Who is Kamagurka?

Obviously father and mother Kamagurka did not decide to name their son Kamagurka. Which sets you thinking: "Where does a name like that come from?" If he is not the son of father and mother Kamagurka, then who is he?  Creative people are often defined by what they do. So Kamagurka is an artist, a stand-up comedian, a writer, a wine taster: he does everything, so he is everything. But is that possible, being everything? It's fair to say that everything he does is completely absurd, so he's an ... »

3 November 2013- Magisch (Magical) - A Lady's Trio in Concert

You can never be sure whether the classical concerts will be a success. The musicians are often young, their promising talent being their most striking attribute. And what do we mean here by success anyway? Is it a success if there is a large audience; if there is appreciation and enjoyment; if both audience and musicians are happy; or if it generates enough income? The last point does not count, since even a sold-out concert does not cover the costs. So why do we do it then? Afterwards, you ... »

19 - 27 October - DDW 2013 - Presentation of the new collection

We are presenting our new collection, as we do every year, at the Dutch Design Week, this year from 19 through 27 October. There are distinctive new products again this year, but also earlier designs which have been restyled. An overview of all the activities can be found below. There will also be products and designs on show by various young designers and brands with whom we collaborate. More information about this can be found further down this page. Thank yo ... »

25 October 2013 - DDW 2013 - From cardboard to imagiation - Lidewij Edelkoort talks at Piet Hein Eek - After the talk there will be a book signing - SOLD OUT

Lidewij Edelkoort talks at Piet Hein Eek:FROM CARDBOARD TO IMAGINATIONabout willing my destiny"A talk about my life and how all facets of existe ... »

19 - 27 October 2013 - DDW 2013 - Presentations by designers and brands

Retrospective exhibition of work by Anthon Beeke - Final week!The exhibition space will be entirely devoted to Anthon Beeke and his former students during the design week. A retrospective of 50 years work by Anthon Beeke will be exhibited on one floor. Here he is not only the famous designer of posters, he is also the poetic sculptor, the naughty collector, the naive player of games, the impassioned typographer and the vigorous architect of collage pages, long before t ... »

19 - 27 October - DDW 2013 - Food & Drinks by Piet Hein Eek

Champagnebar van RuinartFor anyone who missed it: Ruinart, the oldest and possibly the most prestigious champagne brand in existence, and Piet Hein Eek have collaborated closely in recent years. One of the results is an arch, as high as a house, inspired by the thousands of champagne cases we've made. One half of the arch will stand triumphantly in our restaurant (the whole arch doesn't fit) as the centrepiece for an idiosyncratic champagne bar, created especially for t ... »

4 October 2013 Holiday homes - News from the Dordogne

I believe it’s been eight years since we started building our holiday homes in the Dordogne. Back then, I thought we’d be finished in a jiffy. This couldn’t be further from the truth: the construction work, regulations, conditions, distance, business developments (including a building for us in Eindhoven in the meantime) and human circumstances all ended up having an influence. Looking back, it would’ve been easier to have made a tasteful documentary about the whole thing, which would probabl ... »

28 September 2013 The new standard - the road to the DDW

We are currently preparing for what will be a very special Design Week for us with -because we like to keep busy – a large number of new products, collaborations and presentations. There are too many to mention here, but to give you an idea: after the Crisis 2002 and 2009 Series, we have now created the Crisis 2013 Cabinet, made entirely of inexpensive composite material. For the first time, that same inexpensive composite material is also the point of departure for the hinges and fastener. W ... »

25 June 2013 Anthon Beeke – Absolutely not just posters!

You can count yourself lucky if people know you from somewhere, or if they know anything at all about what you do. Most people and most achievements are doomed to be forgotten. And of the ones that are known, even then very little is known about them. The genius, the versatility and the cohesion are often not discovered until after being scrutinised. In retrospect, as is often the case with wisdom. In the exhibition ‘It’s a Miracle’, named after the book that is due to be published on 30 June, a ... »

18 juni 2013 waste waste 40x40 – the superlative

The waste project came into existence more than ten years ago as a reaction to the annoyance of having to throw away material because it was too expensive to do anything with it. Not because it was worthless but because labour costs so much. The game of turning daily reality around and pretending that labour is free and materials are worth their weight in gold resulted in products that are, in theory, unsaleable (because labour is not at all free) but in practice, the products turned out to b ... »

10 June 2013 Too much news for one little article

For people who might not have heard and there are probably a few that have not, I will briefly summarise everything: for some while now, I am - according to my contract with the Eindhovens Dagblad - a freelance journalist, at least that's how they treat me. Together with a number of other devotees press-ganged into the journalist trade, I am allowed to contribute to the newspaper's culture section. In my next column, I shall try to explain why on earth I said ‘yes’ when I was requested ... »

20 April 2013 Ruinart

Over the top…It is quite an honour when you are asked to design boxes for Ruinart, the oldest champagne house in the world (established in 1729). They were the first to use the stone quarries deep under the ground in Reims to age their wines, the first to re-establish the use of the old bulbous bottle shape, and the first at the end of the eighteenth century to package bottles in wooden boxes. This spherical bottle was originally necessary because the regular bottles were unable ... »

4 April 2013 The best show in Milan

Each year, we dream of being unanimously chosen as the best show in Milan. Promising newspaper headlines rattle around in our heads beforehand: Eek steals the show with simplicity in times of overabundance, creating designs that will withstand the ravages of time… and so on and so forth. But, so far, the attention has been limited to a few attractive photographs in interior decorating magazines and in the occasional newspaper. This year, however, in all our enthusiasm, we truly believe ... »

25 March 2013 Linda Nieuwstad - Tiny

The flower arrangements by Linda Nieuwstad are of a grotesque size. Dandelions grow above your head and the flowers of a fairy tale-like giant bouquet reach up to the ceiling. Whether as weeds or a floral extravagance, the pieces take up a huge amount of space and give you a sense of what it would be like to be tiny.  As tempting as it may seem to haul away one of these gigantic flowe ... »

2 March 2013 Bert Teunissen - 'On top of the world'

‘On top of the world’Menno Doornbos (Art Consultant) and I recently decided to part ways. The differences in our ways of doing, thinking and acting were simply too great to arrive at a productive collaboration. Just to be perfectly clear, although I realise that the sceptics out there may have their doubts, we’re still good friends. Without Menno, I would not (yet) have gotten to know Bert Teunissen. In that sense, Menno casts his shadow backwards. So from now on ... »

18 January 2013 Korea

I think that Space Croft, our dealer in South Korea, must have been thinking that what he does for Fair Trade in Vietnam can just as easily be done here in Korea. For quite some time, they tried to get me to go to Korea to devise and produce products for their traditional ceramics industry. Once there, it became clear that there were very few similarities to Vietnam; Korea turns out to be a highly developed country. They refer to themselves as the world champion in industrialisation. The tens ... »

18 January 2013 Manufacturing mentality

The manufacturing industry is disappearing. We buy, consume, and believe that what we buy should be made and delivered to us under our conditions and to our satisfaction. The maker is usually anonymous and, due to that very anonymity, resigns himself to the role of docile supplier. Even if there is direct contact between buyer and maker, it is assumed that the maker will agree to the buyer’s conditions. It is not unusual for an order or assignment to be preceded by months or even years of del ... »

Chocolate alphabet - Happy New Year

We wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!For our Chocolate Alphabet Clip - click here                                        ... »

4 November Official Opening Exhibition Roberto Polo's Choice and Cello Concert Gavriel Lipkind

After a week of overwhelming interest, high visitor numbers and being nearly overrun by a crowd of design lovers during Dutch Design Week, it is now time to once again focus our attention on activities that are less likely to get the masses beating a path to our door. Roberto Polo's ChoiceNext Sunday, 4 November 14:30h, we will be celebrating the official opening of the ‘Roberto Polo's Choice’ exhibition. The exhibition was set up the day before the DD ... »

30 oktober 2012 Ruined by Job

The pop-up exhibition entitled ‘Ruined by Job’ may very well be the biggest exhibition by Studio Job yet. I quickly lost count of the number of floors involved. The project was initiated in 2010 and is based on the notion that Studio Job gives our products a facelift, which Job jokingly refers to as ‘ruining’. The products are now on display in one of our standard display cases. A visit to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, with its insane mirror presentations, gave me the idea of installin ... »

30 October 2012 Chair exhibition continued

Even though the chair exhibition has been on display for quite some time, we’ve decided to continue it. The main reason for this is that, in recent months, we’ve worked extremely hard on our chair book (The Chair), which turns out to be a sort of catalogue for the exhibition. This book has only been available for a week and there are only two weeks until the scheduled end of the exhibition, so it would be a bit of a waste of so much effort to end it now. Writing and compiling the book has giv ... »

30 oktober 2012 Feek Eeks

We haven’t seen the end of it… Fake Eek.The enthusiasm of the men at the sheltered workshop in Tilburg, who helped us ensure enough seats for the Huttenfestival (hut festival) in Tilburg, has not ebbed.  The desire and intention to collaborate has been expressed repeatedly. The basic idea behind the collaboration was that if they could produce and sell an Eek design, they could earn (more). In a previous newsletter, I described how we had already made Fake Eeks for a law and lega ... »

30 October 2012 I’ve read a book

TocquevilleNormally this is not something I’d bother sharing. But this book is very much worth writing about. That’s because it’s the best book I’ve ever read and perhaps will ever read. Now, I’m a particular reader because, if a book is generally well liked, I usually don’t like it. I enjoy a book that gets the brain neurons firing. Alexis de Tocqueville’s book about democracy in America is filled with truths and eye-openers. With great analytical skill, he describes in this book ... »

20 October 2012 New Book 'De Stoel' and English translation 'The Site'

20 years of chairs by Piet Hein Eek After designing chairs for twenty years, an overview has been put together of practically every chair and seating object ever conceived by Piet Hein Eek. The preface states that a good result is determined more by one’s control over the process than goal-setting, and that is exactly what this book is about: years of plodding away, working, creating, changing and thinking in order to ultimately conclude that, of the hundreds of ideas that are sen ... »

20 through 28 October Interieur 2012

23rd International BiennaleKortrijk, Belgiumpdf downloadLocation: Doorniksesteenweg 216, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium --Here-- you can read more about the Biennale ... »

20 through 28 October Dutch Design Week 2012

DDW’s strength lies in the fact that it emphasises the design process, i.e. the creativity aspect. An exhibition is usually a place where people come to buy and sell things. But during DDW, many young people will be presenting their ideas, prototypes and ‘firstlings’ and, in some cases, their first successful products. The highlight in this sense is the Design Academy, which will be showing its final exam projects and where you always leave feeling a little more cheerful. This is an exhibit w ... »

16 August 2012 Steel tree-house

It was supposed to be a tree-house, but when the size and form became definite, the chances of finding a suitable tree in the Netherlands looked next to impossible. We subsequently built legs under it, which made it into something of a UN peacekeeper, or command post. The thing disappeared into my own back garden, also known at that time as the company garden, never to reappear, I thought.Recently, the Temporary Museum was opened in Amsterdam, in the former Shell head office on the IJ. ... »

13 August 2012 Staircase

When a client of me got fed up of us renovating his house, and of all the things that were going wrong, he decided to throw in a standard staircase (alongside a large number of other things that needed to be hurried along). Since we are extremely busy, I didn’t actually mind if there were some things that we didn’t have to make. However, the design for the staircase had already become more and more a brainchild and a dissertation, and had long ceased to be just an ordinary staircase. I even c ... »

6 August 2012 Cabinets for Kewlox

The boss of Kewlox came up with the idea that he would like a new series of Kewlox Cabinets with recycled wood. However, the idea doesn’t appeal to me. Even though the wallpaper is the biggest sales success up till now, I still can’t bring myself to just dress objects up with a bit of wallpaper here or a print there. So I suggested coming up with a whole new cabinet collection. Instead of focussing solely on new, brilliant ideas, I thought it would be more interesting to design a new range of ... »

8 July 2012 Scarlett Hooft Graafland Exhibition

I constructed copper showcases for Guido Geelen’s sculptures for the opening exhibition of our gallery. Sculpture and showcase actually come together in a single object, as a result of years of close friendship and working together. That result was no coincidence. The wooden men for Tom Claassen, on the other hand, the frames for Floor van Keulen and the wall for Jan van der Ploeg just came into being. I had actually thought that I could get away with not having to do very much work for Scarl ... »

3 July 2012 Simplicity

I have the tendency to make designs as straightforward as possible, if only to create an affordable product. This straightforwardness is currently giving way to simplicity. The plate glass cabinet that we presented recently in Milan, made of simple plate material, glass and a couple of tubes, can almost be called suspiciously simple. I recently had to compile the components for a new cabinet for my basic collection for Wehkamp.nl. When I handed over the box, I realised that it only contained ... »

25 May 2012 Forgotten news

A forgotten bit of newsThe idea was to have a number of interesting lectures by artists as part of teambuilding day for the BBIE, a club of people who primarily specialise in trademark law and intellectual property, but instead, they insisted on making a fake Eek. I could just picture it: a group of intelligent individuals, a few of whom are good with their hands. They all start hammering away at creating pieces, irritated at the clumsiness of their colleagues. Sweaty and, dependi ... »

27 April 2012 Fuore

A company goes public in order to cause a furore, to establish itself as a brand and, above all, to measure up to the competition. Every year, it is disappointing yet again when, in the minds of visitors and journalists, other designers outdo you with their accomplishments. These past few years, we’ve presented a number of monumental works: the old lampshade lamps and a sort of giant chandelier two years ago and, last year, the oversized beam and pipe furniture. The tumultuous and uncertain p ... »

12 April 2012 We go to Milan

Download PDFThe tile cabinetsAfter Jeanine and I created the first tile cabinets back in 1993, we created another series, of pillar cabinets. In the years that followed, our joint production efforts were limited to our three daughters, who, one by one, made it impossible for Jeanine to work professionally in any capacity. Right when the clay was made and the mixer was in the barrel ... »

30 March 2012 Success comes when you least expect it

Today, it suddenly occurred to a number of people here that the Word Tables we’re creating for and with Marc Ruygrok may very well become a success story. I responded with scepticism and said that the chance of such a big success was very low since, after all, we never achieve immediate success with anything we sell. For a moment I thought, I shouldn’t write this down or Marc may feel insulted and start doubting the commercial viability of the tables - which, of course, is no different than d ... »

30 March 2012 Team

I regularly try to express my tremendous appreciation of those individuals who work for me and my astonishment at all they manage to achieve. I work like a madman, but I’m not the only one, and the enormous accomplishments and inspiring results are achieved together with a fantastic team. I sometimes feel guilty since they’re all pretty much following my dreams but, since we work together so closely, it’s not always clear whose dreams these are exactly.Next month, we’ll be once again c ... »

30 March 2012 What I really wanted to say

What I really wanted to say I recently made a lightning visit to Cape Town in South Africa in order to give a lecture. The plan was to spend a week there, but it ended up being only a day due to unforeseen circumstances. During the lecture, it became obvious that the audience had heard enough. So I decided to skip the part at the end, which I already had my doubts about. But I shouldn’t have done that, because I still have the idea that I haven’t really said my piece.The entire ... »

25 February 2012 No crisis at Strijp-R

I was thinking recently about how little has changed since that Easter breakfast in 1993, when Jeanine sprayed her food over my drawing from laughing when I said I had plans to launch an advertising campaign. I was going to start an advertising campaign during a time when we were eating at her parent’s house almost daily due to a lack of money and time. I think I was earning negative one guilder an hour at the time. I came up with the idea because the home and living magazines, which were spr ... »

26 January 2012 lecture by Paul Smith - no more seats available

For some time now, we’ve been playing with the idea of setting up a series of lectures, in which creative entrepreneurs give talks. It’s rather a lion’s den situation, bearing in mind that the combination of business and creativity has free rein in our premises. Moreover, in these hectic times we’re living in, the theme seems more apt than ever before. The successful businesses nowadays are mostly run by creative people with an eye for, and sympathy with the arts, the way it always is in conf ... »

13 January 2012 Stable lamps for Marc Mulders

Almost immediately after Marc set up shop in his studio, he had the newly installed brand-new fluorescent lights removed. They were a continuous eyesore and simply could not be accepted just because they produced light, not to mention the fact that the colour of the lighting left much to be desired. It’s the same as with plastic window frames; they’re low maintenance but ugly from day one. Incidentally, I expect that, one day, a plastic window frame will be designed that looks like a plastic ... »

17 January 2012 Eyesore

Every time I walked into the showroom and the lamps were on, my eyes hurt. Without wasting a moment (and without a penny to spend), we took the energy-slurping halogen lights out of the old showroom and put them in the new one, which, incidentally, is not completely finished yet. But with the low number of lights, the new showroom being much larger than the old one, there are numerous areas that are insufficiently - but interestingly - illuminated. The result is economical, I’ll admit.  But t ... »

13 January 2012 Wehkamp.us

Lying on the shelf on the right under my drawing table is a number of sketches for the next series of furniture I've designed for Wehkamp.nl. They’re now ready for finalising. Right before Christmas, the first batch of tables and chairs arrived that we presented during the DDW. The fact that I’ve designed a basic collection for Wehkamp has caused a few frowns. But the fact that the products have caused a bit of a stir is a positive thing. These tables and chairs are pure Dutch, solid and well ... »

1 January 2012 Psychologicalbusinessconductingduringcrisistimebonus

Or “Psychological bonus for continuing to conduct business during crisis times”Many within the company were quite displeased that I spoke freely about what I believed were disappointing visitor numbers for the gallery openings. Many outside the company interpreted my candour over the greatest challenges thus far along our journey as if the end were nigh. To me it was only logical that the new building, a megalomaniac project, would present challenges. In my mind, the anticipated proble ... »

Youp and De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig

On Wednesday evening I was in Haarlem, to watch the tryout of comedian Youp van‘t Hek’s New Year show, this time with the theatre set. Arriving in Haarlem was no easy task. Traffic jams, a wrong address and other hassles ruined any chance of me fulfilling my intention of discussing with the Hekwerk team what they thought I should pay attention to during the show. The show, which I was now watching for the third time, was as always slightly different, but more than anything it was much better, ... »

25 December 2011 Christmas

It will be obvious to anyone who has visited our site from time to time, or who follows the new column, that rather a lot has changed in our lives this last year. This Christmas period really brought it home to me. Apart from being a designer, producer and distributor  I (we) have also become an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry and a retailer. And with Christmas comes decorating. A year later, all those around me appear to have more time free, since I’m the one they put on the hot sea ... »

1 december Disappointment and windfall

Last Sunday was the opening of the Jan van der Ploeg exhibition. It may very well have be our best exhibition yet. More than 4,500 invitations were e-mailed, yet fewer than 50 people showed up. Luckily, we always have our family and friends to fall back on, but, still, the low turnout was a disappointment. We experienced a similar disappointment back in 2006, when we released our book. We thought that, if we put together a book and average around 500 unique visitors to our website ever ... »

16 October 2011 Kröller-Müller chair

We just could not seem to get the ball rolling. The three chairs we made for the Kröller-Müller Museum booth had yet to have a sequel. We were often asked if we weren’t going to put the chairs, made of scrap wood like the scrap hut, into production. The shape and construction of the chairs are limited considerably by the material, and they look like something out of a comic strip. Some even think that this crazy chair is my best chair design yet. I sometimes put aside unusual colours or types ... »

12 October 2011 presentation Judd / van der Ploeg

For many, the work of Donald Judd needs no further explanation, but the fact that we have five of his furniture pieces at our disposal and, starting today, the possibility to offer them for sale, is something I consider very special. No less special was the wall painting by Jan van der Ploeg recently showcased in the gallery for all to see. But wall paintings do not last forever and it was with pain in our hearts that we had to put behind us, and cover with a layer of latex paint, this unique ... »

12 October 2011 Wehkamp.nl

It has been a while now since Wehkamp.nl approached me to discuss the possibility of designing a basic collection for them. The foremost reason for this was the baskets and vases I had designed for Fair Trade Original that were for sale in their online shop at the time. At Wehkamp.nl they talk about their online shop as if it were a real mortar and brick shop. The idea is for visitors to get this same feeling, to experience it as a fictitious world where you can order real products. This is t ... »

September 16th 2011 DDW One year down the line

DDW NewsOnce again, things have not gone as planned and turned out differently than expected, but there’s never been so much to see and do as during this tenth edition of Dutch Design Week, at the very least the fantastic exhibition by Atelier van Lieshout being held in our gallery. The exhibit does not feature furniture or applied art, but actual drawings and statues, offering some counterbalance to all the design projects. Joep will even being giving a lecture on Sat ... »

3 September 2011 Exposition Atelier van Lieshout

John Kormeling asked if we would furnish one of the rooms at the World Expo in Shanghai. The theme of the room was "Green", since almost everything in it was to be recycled. The walls were green, the table and chairs made from typical Dutch green scrap wood, Jeanine’s recycled dishware was glazed green especially for the expo, the lamps over the table were made of old green tie fabric, and a variation on the ‘birch bark’ cabinet was on display. Now that the expo has ended, the green room has ret ... »

Saturday 3 Sept. to Sunday 11 Sept. Huttenfestival De Vlek

A ‘hut’ festival, a crazy idea from Studio Boot & Co. gone astray, is being organised in the railway zone of Tilburg. When the plan still appeared to be completely impossible, it seemed safe enough to cautiously agree to participate. As they say, in for a penny, in for a pound…. The hut festival is now a reality and we need to get cracking with our rather ‘unique’ budget. We are creating a restaurant for 70 persons and also need to take care of a number of other practical matters. Since every ... »

19 Augustus 2011 Van Abbemuseum

Van Abbe MuseumOur collaboration with the Van Abbe is now starting to take shape in all kinds of ways. We have a glass case on display in our gallery, containing works from the Van Abbe collection, we are giving joint lectures, attempting to coordinate and initiate exhibitions and activities and, at present, are hard at work in the Van Abbe tower making our own tower - a ‘tower block’ tens of metres high created for displaying the art of various collectors brought together for the ‘Col ... »

August 18 th 2011 DDW One year down the line

When the DDW starts on 22 October 2011, it will be exactly one year ago to the day that we opened our doors to the public for the first time. It feels like yesterday…. The visitors were walking around here as if they had never done anything else but walk across floors whose formwork had just been removed, past walls that were still wet with paint, and through doors that had been hung only one day earlier.  There was even heating here and there and, in the restaurant, the first flame was lit o ... »

August 11 th 2011 Children hammer away at scrap hut during Parade

For some time now, I’ve wanted to place a flatbed trailer next to the restaurant, where kids could hammer away on a hut using scrap materials from our workshop. I think it’s a typical Brabant phenomenon to use a flatbed trailer to parade around town after winning a match or to create floats for the carnival parade. The only problem is that the only way to make sure it ends up being a hut is to continuously help out. To resolve this problem, I thought we could put together a frame using old bo ... »

11 through 14 August 2011 The Parade of the Idea

We have been working together with De Parade travelling theatre festival for some time now. We’ve provided an enormous tent, bars, tables, scissor lift beer tables, lookout posts, drawings, enormous tables and more. So now that we've got the space, it seems only fitting to turn the request around for a change and invite De Parade to pay us a visit. And, as with so many other recent ideas we’ve had in passing, everyone turned out to be quite enthusiastic about it and, although a number of hurd ... »

Plenty to see starting 8 July

For those who were not able to attend the Saloni in Milan or Design Miami in Basel, we are displaying the pieces we exhibited there at our own complex. As usual, we had unfortunately set the bar a bit too high for these important events; the result was that certain pieces were not finished in time for the shows. There will even be pieces on display which will be ‘hot off the press’; at least this will be the case if something doesn’t go wrong at the last minute. Hans Lensvelt has taken ... »

June 18 th 2011 Art Basel

The stands are incredibly expensive at the Basel art show and, since customers are looking for extreme exclusivity, the products also need to be expensive. Using a different colour or leg and then calling it a limited edition makes it possible to ask the ‘mandatory’ higher price. It’s quite an odd system really; the high prices for the stands, the need for exclusivity and the corresponding high prices for the products together creates a sort of false exclusivity that people seem to enjoy and ... »

Design Miami / Basel June 14 -18 th

download PDF ... »

June 6th 2011 Victory

We finally won another award. The first time I won an award was for the scrap wood cabinets back in 1990. Since then, I've created all kinds of different designs in a wide range of materials, but recognition in the form of an award persisted to allude me. It took fake scrap wood to rake in another one. This time it did not take place in Utrecht, but in New York, the centre of the world. So we have progressed somewhat apparently. Normally, I would not be shouting something like this from the r ... »

May 16th 2011 No news from Mavaleix

The world is topsy-turvy to begin with, but especially so in our case. As the financial crisis continues, passivity reigns. “After all, you have to trim the fat.” But not us. We embarked on the biggest project of our lives, right in the middle of the crisis. We bought, renovated and moved into an enormous building. If you succeed, you can always blame it on a different law of economics, namely, that you need to think and act in an anti-cyclical fashion. It is precisely in times like these tha ... »

April 25th 2011 The world of Tom Claassen

This exhibition was no easy task to organise. We finally managed to determine a date for the opening - 1 May - and select the work to be displayed, only to discover that the wooden men had been sold. Should we make our own then? But how many? Tom’s response: 2 trams. Communicating with Tom Claassen is as interesting as his work. It’s like some ... »

April 20th 2011 Presentation Rossana Orlandi Milaan

Click here to download the PDF file of all the presented products   ... »

February 14th 2011 The Roof

When things get extremely busy, there is always lots of 'news' to share, but no time to write about it. But what would have been considered news a little while back is far less interesting so long after the fact. Building-related developments have kept us incredibly busy. As an indirect result, I was asked by Hans Woerlee, owner of PFC2 (developer), to help come up with a project for the timber ports in Amsterdam. It is an enormous project, with tens of thousands of square metres earmarked fo ... »

February 16th 2011 Alliantie Geusebroek

A successful failure.We've carried out a number of major projects for Peter Geusebroek (architect) and Alliantie (developer). For each of these projects, we produced the doors or entire vestibules for the buildings. This particular project was commissioned at a very early stage, while the old building scheduled for demolition to make room for the new one was still standing. We originally planned to remove old elements from the old building and use them in the new one. The plan was to p ... »

February 15th 2011 First concert by Storioni Trio

On Sunday the 20th of February, the Storioni Trio will be performing amidst Guido Geelen’s New Sculptures. We are launching our concert series with a ‘too good’ trio playing among ‘too good’ art. What makes this 'too good' for us is that we would never have had the possibility to bring together these musicians and artists had it not been for our collaborations with Stephan Brekelmans and Menno Doornbos. It is a true privilege to offer an accommodation for so much quality and have the opportun ... »

January 24th 2011 Opening Gallery

The opening of our first exhibitions took place last Sunday. The work of Guido Geelen – deafening in its beauty – was on display on the top floor of the mixing building and, one floor below, the “The Prologue” exhibition, designed to provide a foretaste of what is to come. The only problem now is how to match these next time… Luckily, we have three months to work on this and to give the public time to view the current exhibitions. Charles Esche opened the exhibitions, thereby, once aga ... »

January 20th 2011 First exhibition of Art

Guido Geelen/ New sculpturesGuido Geelen was the first to get the ball rolling. His exhibition of butterfly sculptures has taken over the top floor of what was once the mixing building. Where the raw materials for Philips’ ceramics factory were once stored and pumped downwards, ceramic sculptures now stand - sculptures of dissected and perforated human figures supported by brass display cases or by butterflies mounted on pins sticking out from the miniscule holes. It has been some time ... »

November 20th 2010 Oogenlust

Oogenlust (Marcel van Dijk)Marcel from Oogenlust visited us this week. He joined us on our adventure with the building and, since its opening, he has always ensured that it contains the most spectacular displays of greenery. We thought it was about time we exchanged ideas about how it was all going. I told him that, slowly but surely, more people were coming in and he told me that he had visited a couple of times (in secret) and that sometimes there was no trace of any customers. Now I ... »

November 22th 2010 Korst van der Hoeff

Antique is out.I visited the Korst van der Hoeff auction house in Den Bosch for the first time recently to buy Delftware and pottery for the shop. It was a quite an experience, sitting in an old-fashioned auction room with a number in hand. The atmosphere was very exciting yet informal. After only two auctions, we had what we came for: a considerable amount of Delftware, pottery and by-catch. What we were surprised to find is that antique is not in. The most beautiful pieces were left u ... »

November 20th 2010 Tom Dixon

We represent Tom Dixon and he represents us. During 100% Design, Tom opened his doors in Portobello Dock, an old waste processing factory in London that housed the Virgin studios for quite some time. One month later, we opened our doors in an old ceramics factory where Philips produced ceramic parts. But this is not the only similarity between us. He uses his name as a brand name (although this was decided many years ago) and, like me, his designs are based on materials and technique. I do that ... »

November 18th 2010 Opening!!

Now, we’ve become accustomed to quite a bit, but this was truly exciting and quite impossible until the very last moment. Opening our building to the public during Design Week was a decision that could not be undone. In the end, we ended up showing the public section only. All other sections of the building looked like a war zone. And a war zone they were, considering th ... »

November 16th 2010 The Restaurant

The opening of the restaurant on the first day of Design Week was nothing short of a small miracle, although it felt like a huge one. During the first days after the initial storm of visitors, it became less and less crowded around five o'clock. But after around three days, the restaurant had ... »

November 15th 2010 The Shop

We have a shop and a shop needs merchandise. It’s actually quite difficult to put together a shop collection, especially if you prefer to fill it with things you are personally enthusiastic about. But the result isn’t bad. You just need to do things differently than normal. To start, we decided that a ... »

November 13th 2010 The building

Opening of Building When I walked through the building the first time, I could not see a thing. It was dark, the windows were painted shut with peeling paint, and the walls and ceiling system appeared to have been randomly placed and installed. But the contours of the building became clear within a few minutes: there was a large workshop in the heart of the building, surrounded by a showroom on the first floor. The building of our dreams. Wherever you stand, you can see wh ... »

November 7th 2010 Opening of the exhibition by Menno Doornbos

Opening of Exhibition Space / Menno DoornbosFortunately we realised that it would be pointless to launch an actual exhibition during the opening of the building. We had originally planned to start in December with the first ‘real’ exhibition, but ended up postponing it. The new target date is January, which gives us more time to fully prepare the space. Guido Geelen will break the ice ... »

Sprookjes NV by Leo Coolen

Sprookjes nv by Leo CoolenWe had made good agreements with Leo. We planned to furnish the space in a rather serene, almost museum-like, manner so that his craving for massive insanity in enormous display cases would have plenty of space. But it turned out to be a miserable failure. The lorries and busses kept coming and going and the space was filled with the most unusual objects and things. It ... »

October 14th 2010 Ruined by Job

Job and I know each other from our first location on Sluisstraat. Sarah, the dog that came with the rent we never paid, either absolutely detested Job or Job was afraid of the dog. At any rate, it was quite an achievement to get to work every morning in one piece. We worked ourselves to death in the workshop while Job and Hugo sat in their office. We never really managed to make it work.  ... »

October 6th 2010 Hotel academy Maastricht

Along with a number of other designers, I was asked to furnish four rooms for the Maastricht Hotel Management School. Being a school, the project should or could be experimental in nature for students and guests, who were to serve as guinea pigs. ... »

October 1th 2010 Opening new premises

More and more people are asking us how things are going. This is because we are working on a project that is virtually impossible, but which we are certain will be a success. The question is only how much will be ready by 23 October, the opening day of Dutch Design Week. Will the showroom and shop be completely furnished? Will we have our offices up and running? ... »


Simplicity is a virtue and often results in beautiful, uncomplicated products that are often affordable to boot. Simplicity was a necessity, however, when I was developing the presentat ... »


Since we’re working ... »

World Fair

John Kormeling asked if we could design a space for the World Fair. The theme of the room was to be ‘green’, since practically everything in it has been recycled. The walls are green and there is a tree growing inside it. There are also a table and chairs made o ... »

Hans Liberg and Thomas Mayer

When I received an e-mail from Hans Liberg asking whether his regular photographer, Thomas Mayer, could approach me about posting pictures of our little house and furniture on Hans’ site, w ... »


As odd as it might sound, we’ve been missing two large items for ... »

PDF Salone 2010

Click here to download the PDF ... »

Myung il Song opened Song in Vienna`s first district with Piet Hein Eek

As part of the shop's expanding involvement with unusual and outstanding furniture productions, Song is pleased to present furniture pieces designed and produced by Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek.In 1998, Myung il Song opened Song in Vienna's first district.  Originally a small space focused on the ... »

A last-minute newsletter (quick run-down)

Soon we will ... »

Designweek Japan 2009

In consideration of the financial crisis and the fact that Cibone, the shop that sells our products in Tokyo, had once again invested in a large-scale presentation, I felt it would only be appropriate to attend the presentation. One of the reasons not to attend a presentation like this is that it usually coincides with a major event elsewhere, in whichnot only your own work, but that of all other designers in the world is on display. The journalists, who naturall ... »

New products - Product development:

We have now reached the end of a period during which appreciation of design and designers was largely determined by appreciation of ideas, something you would think would be one of the core tasks of a designer.  In the media, at educational institutions, everywhere it seems, all that mattered was the ‘idea’. As a result, quite a few interesting ideas appeared on the market for a rather long period of time that, for some reason or other, were unjustified and, at any rate, contr ... »

Fair Trade Original Presentation:

As announced earlier, I have designed a number of products for the new Fair Trade Original collection (FTO, 08/06/09 newsletter). Afterwards, I was asked to attend the presentation of the new collection. I was willing to help out, but preferred to hold the presentation at our location so I would not have to travel any more than necessary. Besides, the presentation practically coincided with our own collection presentation and the showroom needed to be tidied up anyway.Af ... »

Trip Vietnam for Fair Trade Originals

Vietnam Trip for Fair Trade Originals On arriving in Ho Chi Minh (formerly Saigon), we were met by My, who supervises a large part of the production for FTO in Vietnam and took fantastic care of Sophie and me for 10 days. Sophie is an FTO designer and supervised the entire process. My not only interpreted every word we uttered, but was primarily in charge of showing us around the production facilities. We were sometimes pleasantly surprised at the care with which everything was co ... »

Arrète, arrète, arrète

That’s French for a building freeze. This isn’t the first time this has happened but, after a visit from a provincial official, the mayor was entirely convinced that all construction had to stop. Apparently the road leading to the mill is too long and in poor condition. As a result, the fire brigade cannot easily reach the valley, thereby posing a possible safety hazard. Before leaving, the provincial official also found a large number of other issues he felt were problematic. All the same, i ... »

Presentation in our own place

This year, we wanted to receive back the products shown in Milan as quickly as possible so we could display them in our showroom.  But, once again, this did not happen. Some items were sold and the others were displayed elsewhere. But by now most of the products have been returned or remade. The entire showroom has been turned upside-down and the presentation of not only the newest products, but also the existing collection, is better than ever before. Hopefully this will be the last time we ... »

Tree-trunk garden house

It sometimes happens that you are asked to produce something you have actually wanted to do for some time. A customer called and asked if we could build a log shack in his field, one that would be large enough to sit and write inside. I loved the idea from the start. Oddly enough, we’ve recently received quite a few questions about the log shack we produced years ago. That shack has been added to the collection of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. And now we’ve constructed one as a stack of ... »

Table for Oerol

A 130-metre long table that can be used as a catwalk, stage and dinner table all in one. We were approached by Terts Brinkhof, Director of the “de Parade” travelling theatre festival, with the question of whether we could construct such a structure. The challenge excited us, but the deadline was less than ideal. The goal was to create a smaller, 24-metre long version, for the Oerol Festival and to have the larger version sent to Governors Island in New York, to serve as the nucleus of the “Ne ... »

Saloni del Mobile 2009 Milano

What are we showing in Milan?  ... »

December 2008: Dordogne, new premises, product development

This edition of our newsletter contains varied contents. A number of topics are reviewed and the first announcement is made on our efforts to find new premises from which we can continue our growth and achieve new goals.    ... »

Graduation design academy october 2008

Graduation Design academy october 2008 ... »

"Bakkerswinkel" shops october 2008

For a little while, we were receiving fewer incoming orders for the Bakkerswinkel shops. The name has (almost) become a household word and there are already large numbers of franchise operations, so we needed to come up with a plan. We had not yet finished reflecting on this before we started receiving one order after the other from the various co-owners. An organic supermarket has opened on Warmoesstraat (decorated by a colleague) that offers ... »

Holiday homes in France september 2008

September 2008  In my last update on the holiday homes, I announced somewhat recklessly that they were to be finished by last summer. Apparently that was not the case. The roof of the windmill is currently under construction and the final touches to the outbuildi ... »

The outdoor armchair enormous in scrapwood august 2008

The outsource of products from our collection has been a disaster till now. Even metal products made by  ... »

Newsletter April 2008

    Doors for Bod’or ... »

Piet Hein Eek

During the past few months, I have been on an extensive tour in Europe and Japan, presenting the book and our products. The trip included Amsterdam, London, Hamburg and Tokyo. I also managed to fit in a holiday visit to the Dordogne as well, to check up on and enjoy the progress that has been made on the house project. All quite hectic really, particularly as travelling has never been my favourite pastime. The Woonbeurs has always been our preferred venue for launching new products as ... »

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